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November 22, 2018

How Effective Are Mops in Cleaning Laminate Floor?


Flooring ideas have impacted mankind to a great extent, which brought numerous varieties of interiors into the limelight. Well, a lot of us have to deal with laminate floors every day at home. So, it is very obvious that you have to know in and out of how to clean it.  We know that every entity in the universe is different and the same holds good for flooring too.


What kind of mops actually go well with laminate floors? What is it that you have to understand before you handle the cleaning procedures? Read on to get a complete insight into the best mops for laminate floor.


  • Do not use wet mops and steam cleaners as they may cast a negative impact on the floor. As water is not a good choice when it comes to laminate floors, it is very obvious that we need to be extra cautious while choosing the mopping technique and a mop too.


  • Rather than a wet mop, we can choose a dry one to limit water. In fact, there is nothing wrong with using a cloth to blot water. In this way, you need not have to let stagnant water or any other liquid on the laminate for a long time. As smooth flooring has less friction, water could be dangerous so dry mops help overcome the problem accurately.


  • Laminate floors are most loved and the owners cannot tolerate any liquid like coffee or any other ingredient such as paint, cosmetics, ink, tar, juice, food or nail polish remover. Mops help in not just wiping the place to clear it of the junk but also removing the stain and residue. Dry mops do not affect the flooring but improve it rather. In addition to plain cleaning, you can use cleaning agents, which are specially made for laminate floor. This helps us obtain cool floor finish, which reflects the looks of quality laminates.


  • Coming to the type of mops to be used for taking care of laminate floors, let us avoid the use of poky, steel or metal, wooden, abrasive or strong and chlorinated cleaners. Instead, we can use soft textured, bushy brushes of those of dry mops. Also, refrain from using soap, oil, detergents and other harmful chemicals. The smooth and attractive laminate might undergo swelling, delamination, cracking or edge separation.


  • Dust mops, spray mops, dry mops, spin mops and flip-flop version of them can be the best ones to clean the laminate floors. This ensures that the spark and glow projected by the flooring multiplies or remains the same. With a smart choice of a good mop for your laminate floor, you can get the best cleaning experiences ever.