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November 22, 2018

Whenever you buy a mosquito trap, remember that you’re taking a step towards the safety
of your family. Just like any investment, you must give it careful consideration before
making a decision on how to spend your money wisely. You will learn that not all mosquito
traps are created equal because most will kill some mosquitoes. But, only a few can do it
consistently and that too for the right price!
We’re lucky that scientists have completed tests on these machines to show which ones
perform the best under certain circumstances. They proved how these machines are
capable of capturing and killing many insects in a single night. With those rates, it would
only take about two months to collapse a local mosquito population. Whatever the brand or
how effective it is, a mosquito trap cannot solve all your mosquito problems. The best
mosquito control program follows an integrated method, which means reducing mosquito
breeding sites as well as using an effective trapping device.
Thanks to the global reach of the Internet, you’re able to see what customers from around
the world have had to say about the mosquito traps they’ve purchased. We’re going to take
a look at several of the top brands of mosquito traps commonly sold for home use and
compare those brands based on test results, reliability, and ease of use. But first, let’s get a
quick overview of the way mosquito traps work to reduce mosquito population and protect
you and your family from bites.
Basically, when hunting for blood meals, female mosquitoes fly a distance of about 25 feet
or less off the ground using several types of sensing organs to find human prey. Among their
parts, their antennae detect the carbon dioxide released from a person’s lungs and are
capable of picking up more than 340 chemical odours produced by human skin, including
octanol, a substance also found in perspiration. Their compound eyes are made up of
hundreds of tiny lenses designed for spotting movement and distinguishing prey. They are
also accompanied by two light-sensitive simple eyes. The maxillary palpus located on the
head are believed to be sensitive to heat, helping mosquitoes to locate warm-blooded prey
and pinpoint capillaries that are closest to the skin and more easily reached.
Mosquito traps take advantage of the mosquitoes’ sensory abilities by tricking them with
features that mimic the visual stimuli and smells associated with humans and pets. Various
brands produce CO2, octanol, heat, or light – or a combination of those – to lure mosquitoes
in. Then, it traps them in containers where they die by either drowning or starvation. To be
most effective, the traps need to be placed properly like in shaded areas located between
the source of the mosquitoes and where people gather in the garden. The greatest tip is to
try it in dissimilar places until you find the right spot in or around your house.